Tuesday, 28 December 2010

No thankyou, I've seen Larry eat.

Ok we've got a shiny new tumblr which will be the main thing that is updated from now on since myspace died and I never update this as often as I intend to. Check it out here.

So, now we've been a band for over a year and what a fucking great year it's been what with all the tours, seeing lots of lovely places, meeting some fantastic people and occasionally vomiting in the street. Next year's shaping up to be just as awesome with plans for more tours, more people meeting and more vomit. Huzzah.

James already did a much better retrospective of the year on his blog, so you should probably read that instead. Just for the shit of it, here are my top few releases of the year in no particular order:

- Alkaline Trio- This Addiction (Epitaph)- back on form.

- Bomb The Music Industry!- Adults!!! Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!! (Asian Man) - Because Jeff Rosenstock shouting is glorious.

- Astpai- Heart To Grow (Jump-Start/Ass-Card)- Album of the year.

- The Fractions- Release (Pumpkin)- Lovely.

- The Menzingers- Chamberlain Waits (Red Scare)- Buffalo

- RVIVR- LP (Yo-Yo)- Sexy!

- Off With Their Heads- In Desolation (Epitaph) Not their best but still ace.

- The Ataris- All Soul's Day/The Graveyard Of The Atlantic (Paper+Plastick)- Totally not cool but I really like it. And it shits on their last album.

- Envy- Recitation (Sonzai/Temporary Residence Limited/Rock Action)- Fucking epic.

- Closure- 7" (Thirty Days Of Night) Heavy as balls. Made of concrete. Filled with lead. And on fire. Not sure if this came out this year or last but it rules.

- Tyrannosaurus Alan- Campaign. Riffs-a-plenty

Other stuff that was good that I discovered this year but came out before or something:
- Nothington- Roads, Bridges and Ruins (BYO)
- 7YearsBadLuck- A Tragedy In Two Chapters (Broken Heart)
- Defeater- Lost Ground (Bridge 9)
- Everything The Copyrights have ever released.
- Apologies, I Have None- Two Sticks And Six Strings.
- The Murderburgers- Burned Out/Worn Out (Monster Zero)

Jackass 3D was pretty good too.


Monday, 22 November 2010

Too Early For Flapjacks?

So tour is over, and I can quite honestly say I had the best two-ish weeks ever. The Menzingers are awesome guys and a fucking fantastic band and every show had its own particular highlights, I won't bother doing a tour diary here as James has already started one here: http://jimbojiblets.tumblr.com/post/1648125397/tour-diary-part-1.

All that remains is to thank the following people: Banquet Records, Tim (thanks for the cider, sorry about the nudity), Ricky, Trev, Dave Brent, Alex, Mike, Boab, Gaz, Lesta, Rob, Murta, Jordy, Cream, Kieran's mum and dad, Aisha and anyone else that put us on or let us make a mess of their house and abuse their shower/wifi. Massive thanks also to everyone who came to the shows.

Thanks also to all the bands we played with; Bomb The Music Industry!, Chapter Of Wolves, The Arteries, Above Them, Apologies, I Have None, Calvinball, Limited Means, John Ramos Players, Groundnuts And Independents, Steve French And The Big Cats, Just Panic, Jugs, The Stay Gones, Broken Few, Cynics, The Living Daylights, MC IPod, and Bad Ideas.

Extra special massive thanks to Dave for tourmination duties and Kieran for looking like a famous welsh comedian, and of course Tom, Greg, Joe and Eric, we miss you guys already. If I forgot anyone, I apologise, am an idiot.

But yeah in conclusion, tour was amazing. We've played 60 gigs now since our first show in December, so obviously we're looking to do more than that next year. We've also got four new songs which have been played at recent shows and will be recorded and released very soon.

Until the next sleep deprived and uninformative outpouring...


Thursday, 14 October 2010

...Because Soup Tastes Better When It's Difficult.

Not much to report at the minute, we're just finishing off the new songs, which will hopefully be recorded in some form in time for tour in November. Also practice, lots of practice. We spent the whole afternoon yesterday clearing out our new practice room and found a worryingly large number of deadly implements, including axes, circular saw blades and a large roll of fibreglass roof insulation. So, at least if everything goes tits up then we have an exciting array of stuff to dispose of each other with. Anyway. Fuck a fruit basket.


Friday, 17 September 2010

"Nice Beaver!" "Thanks, I just had it stuffed."

Sooo we've been a little more active lately (3 shows in two weeks...astounding I know). The shows in Lincoln and Manchester with Astpai were both awesome, and playing with Off With Their Heads, Apologies, Pacer and Rooftops in Derby was fantastic, albeit tinged with sadness knowing that it was Rooftops' last show, and they will be greatly missed by anyone who bought their CD or experienced them live over the past year. It was however impressive to see Jugs' aggressive sales technique which saw most of the people in attendance gaining at the very least a CD, if not a t-shirt and the promise of a sound beating as well. There was also a pretty brutal fight in Derby outside the club opposite the venue, which saw one particularly enthusiastically angry young man knocked out cold for at least 10 minutes. Oh the things that you see at midnight on a Thursday in the Midlands.

Moving swiftly on, we've got a couple more gigs in September, one on the 24th in Kendal (I think the place is called Dicky Doodles or something) and another on the 29th at Moho Live in Manchester supporting The Skints and Jaya The Cat. After that we're going to use October constructively to write and maybe record some new songs, as well as preparing for tour in November.

As I mentioned in the last post, Francis and I recently moved, and we've been fortunate enough to find somewhere that has a place where we can practice. Hopefully this will mean we can actually practice regularly, something which anyone who attended either of the Astpai shows will agree will be a definite plus on our part. So I'll sign off with a photo of our new practice space. We're going to spend some time in the next few weeks sprucing it up so it doesn't look so much like a serial killer's lair.


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Well now you've gone and made this awkward...

We've got about a month or so of downtime at the moment so that Francis can go on holiday, James can find a job, I can move house and Adam can see how many billiard balls he can fit in his mouth, so now seems as good a time as any for an update. Tour number three of the year is now done, and the week long jaunt around the country with Calvinball and Cynics was great, with highlights including:

-A house show in a fourth floor flat
-Deep fried everything
-The two minutes a day that Giles was awake
-Matt Calvinball losing a wrestling match to Kieran
-Sketchy rollercoasters
-Dressing like Rufio
-Pointing out to the owner of a Scottish chip shop that "I'm going back to the UK tomorrow, so I need my change in UK money..."
-Conorball faceplanting a pub carpet
-More things that are probably funnier but i forgot.

I think Kieran has done a quick summary on Moving North, so be sure to check that out, along with all the other fun shit on there. Obviously massive thanks to everyone who put us on, came to a show, let us sleep on their floor.

Anyhoo, our next show is on the 21st of August at No-Fest in Peterborough, and then we're back in semi-regular action in September, when we have the pleasure of supporting some of our favourite bands, including Nothington, Off With Their Heads, and Astpai (who I have a feeling are about to release one of the albums of the year). We're also ridiculously excited to announce that we will be supporting The Menzingers on their November UK tour. So, at the minute, our upcoming shows are as follows:

21st- Peterborough- Club Dissident (No-Fest)

7th- Lincoln- Library Bar (w/Astpai)
8th- Manchester- The Oxford (w/Astpai)
16th- Derby- Venue TBC (w/Off With Their Heads)

11th- Kingston- Fighting Cocks (w/The Menzingers)
12th- Southampton- Unit Club (w/The Menzingers)
13th- Swansea- Sigma (w/The Menzingers)
14th-Bristol- The Croft (w/The Menzingers)
15th- Manchester- Venue TBC (w/The Menzingers)
16th- Glasgow- 13th Note (w/The Menzingers)
17th- Newcastle- Northumberland Arms (w/The Menzingers)
18th- Derby- The Bell Hotel (w/The Menzingers)
19th- Peterborough- Club Revolution (w/The Menzingers)
20th- London- Old Blue Last (w/The Menzingers)

So that's pretty much what's happening with us. For up to date tour dates and that go to our myspace (www.myspace.com/leaguesapartmusic), and keep checking back here for more inane chatter. It'll be fun. Honest. Oh and go here and listen to some Astpai. It'll make you a better person.


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Seeing as I keep forgetting this exists, check out our lovely myspace:


Get a bit on, it's good.


Friday, 26 March 2010

I knew you guys were smart when you bailed out of the car.

Well the regularly updating this page thing hasn't been going too well. Oops. The last few months have been eventful to say the least, our first CD 'To Anywhere' came out on the 21st of March on TNSrecords, and you can buy it either from them at www.tnsrecords.co.uk, or from our webstore.
We will also be featuring on a 4-way split which will be out in April on Happy Days Records, also featuring Rooftops, Sammy's Fatal Mistake and This Business Is Closed.

Show wise, we've been doing as many as possible recently, including a support slot with Nothington in Edinburgh last month, North West Is Best Fest in Harrow last week , and a couple of awesome Lincoln House shows. A particular highlight was our CD launch show last week at Kro Bar in Manchester, which was also the first show put on by Moving North, with an amazing lineup featuring The Arteries, Bangers, Above Them and Just Panic. Check out their page, as they're putting on some mint shows in the future and it will help Kieran in his quest to become the emperor of punk rock.

Our first proper tour starts on the 1st of April in Manchester at The Retro Bar, and we will be in Europe from the 4th to the 11th, playing in Belgium, Austria (thanks to the lovely 7YearsBadLuck), Switzerland and France, so providing we don't all die from severe sharpie/alcohol poisoning there will be a tour diary which will be posted on here. Honest.